Are the 76ers, the NBA’s choice?

With the news of the NBA regular season schedule being announced it’s clear the NBA is finally behind the “Process”

The Sixers are featured prominently in two marquee games on the NBA calander. Starting with the opening game on Christmas Day at noon Eastern against the New York Knicks. 

The next game which the Sixers are one of the main attractions is against the Boston Celtics, January 11th in London, England. 

This is major news for the league and the Sixers. Many have thought for years the “association” has been rigged, well, this would tend to be leaning in the Sixers favor. You aren’t going to spend all the marketing money to put a young, unproven team in two key spots on the calander unless you expect big things from them. I’m not saying this means the Sixers are in the Finals next year, but it’s a huge step. 

Just a few years ago one would have thought Commissioner Adam Silver wasn’t 100 percent behind the whole process, and you couldn’t blame him. It’s telling teams that tanking for a few seasons is the only way to get better without overspending in free agency. 

It can easily be said now that the Sixers are in two key games this season that the Commissioner has turned the page. There has to be some side of him hoping this doesn’t pan out. 

The great side on the business end of all of this publicity for the Sixers is the season ticket sales, they have been the highest ever. There is one downside to that however; some fans have seen prices skyrocket, not everyone can afford those prices. 

This schedule should be a huge step in the right direction, now the Sixers need to stay healthy and win some games. 


Top Seven 76ers of all-time

When you are in the tail end of the NBA off season the news cycle definitely begins to slow down, with that there is no better time to put out these arbitrary lists you can argue forever. 

With that said here are my thoughts on the top seven Philadelphia 76ers of all time, starting with number seven.

7) Billy “Kangaroo Kid” Cunningham makes this list partially due to his playing career and partially because he’s arguable the best coach in 76ers history. 

As a player Cunningham 21.2 points and 10.4 rebounds in 11 seasons in the ABA/NBA. After his playing days were over in 1976 he became the coach where he was the fastest coach to 200 and 300 victories and led the 76ers to the 1983 NBA Title. 

6) Hal Greer was the point guard and emotional leader of the 1967 NBA Champion 76ers, during the regular season he averages 22.1 points and picked it up in the playoffs and averaged 27.7 points. 

Through his career Greer was selected to 10 straight all-star games, an incredible achievement. 

5) Charles Barkley- Chuck or as many called him in his early days “The round mound of rebound” Charles Barkley started out his career in Philadelphia and was a gritty fan favorite who once famously (or infamously) said “I’m not a role model”

On the court Barkley was a force in his eight seasons in Philadelphia, he made six straight all-star appearances and appeared in the NBA Finals playing for the Phoenix Suns once he was traded. 

Barkley is now more known for his no fear attitude and comments while working for TNT. 

Many say Barkley holds the title of “Best player to not win a championship”, one thing is for sure, if he had won a title in Philadelphia he might be higher on this list. 

4) Moses Malone- The last 76ers NBA Championship was on the broad shoulders of this man, Moses Malone. 

He was the 1983 NBA MVP and led the 76ers to the championship. He did only play in Philadelphia for four seasons or he may be ranked higher. 

However; in his four seasons he was a four-time all-star and brought the City of Brotherly Love a title, he’s always a legend here. 

3) Allen Iverson- Allen Iverson is the definition of the underdog, fighting champion which encompasses the city of Philadelphia. 

He has grit, determination and fight. He took what many would consider a band of misfits in the 2001 season all the way to the NBA finals and famously one game one with a clinching three-point shot and stepped over now Cleveland Cavs coach to define his point. 

Iverson never did win a title and had many battles with the commissioner, the media, his coach and others. 

Allen Iverson is the reason I’m a Sixers fan, is he perfect, no way, but he fights every day, just like the City of Philadelphia. 

2) Wilt Chamberlin- It’s hard to put Wilt number two on any list however; he did only have three full seasons with the 76ers. 

In those three seasons he did win the NBA MVP all three seasons. There was one season with the Philadelphia Warriors where he famously averaged 50 points and had the famous 100 point game in Hershey, PA. 

Wilt also led the 1967 Sixers to a the record 68 wind and averaged 27.3 points, 24.2 rebounds and 7.2 assists for his entire career. 

Wilt would have easily been number one if it wasn’t for this iconic Philadelphia and NBA great…

1) Dr J (Julius Erving)- Dr J is the one person you think of when you say Philadelphia 76ers. Dr J many say invented the art of the slam dunk and he was a very versatile player. 

He played 11 seasons with the 76ers and was an all-star all 11 years and a seven-time all-NBA selection and also won the 1981 NBA MVP award. For his career he averaged 24.6 points, 8 rebounds and 4.4 assists. 

The idea of this list is to point out the rich history of this truly historic franchise. The 76ers have had some down years recently as we’ve all had to learn to “Trust the Process” We all just hope the current players understand how much this team means to Philadelphia and can bring an NBA Championship back to Philadelphia.