Does Cavs Drama Mean Anything for Sixers?

By now it seems everyone has heard Kyrie Irving has requested a trade out of Cleveland because he’s tired of being in LeBron James shadow. 

It was Irving who hit the game winning three-point shot to bring Cleveland the 2015-2016 NBA Championship and make James the hometown hero. 

It seems like Irving has had enough. He is asking to be traded and although at first glance it doesn’t look like this would have anything to do with the Sixers we should look closer. 

If Irving is traded out of Cleveland; no matter who he goes to Cleveland most likely isn’t the best team in the East anymore. One could argue Boston would be the favorite if Irving is gone. Either way; if Cleveland did come out of the East there is no way they would beat whoever comes out of the West. 

So you are probably thinking, how do the Sixers fit into this equation? Well, James will be a free agent at the end of next season. Ok, but what makes me think there is any chance he would come to Philadelphia? Well, he is good friends with Ben Simmons, he even reached out when Simmons turned 21: 

Maybe they have bonded over Shirley temples? James has also been fond recently of JJ Redick and this tweet proves it:

Now maybe he just likes the name, maybe he’s leaving subtle hits towards next summer. Now this is a long shot but you have to admit, he does look good in the uniform: 

Now call me crazy but I’m not the biggest fan of this move for the Sixers, would it help, obviously. But for those of us who bought into the “Process” this doesn’t seem like the move. I like the team led by Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz. Bringing in King James cheapens this whole expierience, stick with your young guns and take out the king on your terms. 


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