Down goes Fultz…

As Philadelphia 76ers fans we should be used to this by now…

Midway through the third quarter of the Sixers Summer League action against the Golden State Warriors the number one overall pick Markelle Fultz is on the ground in excruciating pain. 

This has been the one issue with the “Process” The Sixers have had difficulties getting the first round draft picks to even see the court in the last five years. The only first pick rookie to see action in his first year was Jahlil Okafor and he only played 53 games. Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons all missed there entire rookie campaigns. 

Now this injury for Fultz doesn’t seem to be all that serious, it’s an ankle sprain, I’d expect him to be shut down for Summer League games however; the key objective is to have him ready for October and pictures like this need to stay out of South Philadelphia: 

The concern was also felt from the Sixers resident social media director Joel Embiid who has never seen a tweet he doesn’t like (should he run for President?) 

In a much less important part of the story the Sixers did top the Golden State Warriors 95-93 led by newcomer Furkan Korakmaz who had 15 points on just 5-9 shooting. 

Fultz was struggling before he left the game having just eight points on 3-12 shooting in 15 minutes of action. 

The Sixers take the court again tonight in Las Vegas taking on the San Antonio Spurs at 10:30pm, the game is televised on ESPN2. 


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