Sixers add veteran for bench

After solidifying the desperate need for three-point shooting earlier on July 1st the Sixers added the next biggest need– veteran leadership. 

The Sixers inked for Boston Celtic Amir Johnson to a one-year 11 million dollar contract. 

Johnson, who turned 30 on May 1st will give the veteran leadership which they need. Johnson has been in the league for eight years and is a big, physical, hustle type of player. 

Johnson, 6’9″ 240lb frame  should provide some spark and hustle for when Embiid needs some rest. 

The Sixers now have a full roster of 15 players so baring any trades or something unforeseen the roster looks to be set. 

Personally I’d still like to see a shot at Andre Iguodola, time will tell. 

The Sixers do open Summer League play on Monday July 3rd, and we will get our first look at number one overall pick Markelle Fultz. 


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